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To briefly overview our work, we service all ELECTRICAL and HVAC projects. We have a wide variety of services available to choose: from minor installations to scheduled maintenance checks. Regardless the size of the project be sure that our licensed electricians are capable of handling a wide variety of tasks.

We are dedicated to meeting our customers' needs in a timely and professional manner. All labor is guaranteed, and includes warranty coverage. We also offer competitive quotes with no hidden charges. Appointment or same day service are available.

We install, repair, monitor, service all your specialized equipment. Also we understand that your equipment failure means money and we are determined to do all work in a timely manner.

Some of our basic services


  • Install units
  • Replace Filters
  • Repair Motors
  • Freon Refills
  • Repair Vents
  • Complete set-up
  • and more …


  • Install Fixtures and Appliances
  • GFCI's
  • Transformer
  • Flood & Track Lights
  • Electric motors
  • and more…


Commercial Property


Residential Property


Industrial Property
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