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About Our Business

Spectrum Power and Electric has nearly twenty years in the electrical field. We have become established to provide affordable professional service, superior quality and reliability.

Spectrum Power's high standards of professional service revolve around these core values: honesty, quality, knowledge, commitment and communication and these are the essential ingredients to the success of your project. Skilled Certified Electricians perform your work in a neat and professional manner without increasing the price.

Spectrum's high standards of professional service revolve around these core values.

Our Main Office in Glendora, Ca, serves as a intermediate geographical location between the counties in which we work. These counties include Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside. This means we are able to reach you faster than our competitors making us the reliable choice.

We also do HVAC

HVAC means “Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning”. We added this extension to our business extend our usefulness to the customer. 60% of HVAC malfunctions tend to be electrical so extending our business capabilities to include HVAC Services was a way for us to better server you.

Our Core Values


An example of our honesty is this feature: Costs are negotiated before any work is done to eliminate any unexpected charge on your bill.


Our company policy is to have all our work exceed the National Electrical Code and the use of quality materials on all installations.


Our electricians are certified, and have completed additional training, and have met California's Eligibility for Certification.  See Eligibility for Certification


Nothing is more important to us than our customer, that is why we treat your projects with the up-most urgency allowing us to focus on a speedy solution. We are also committed to bring you service 24hrs a day 7 days a week.


Good communication with you, the customer, has allowed us to solve technical, aesthetic, and functional issues faster. That is why, fundamentally, teamwork has been a key element to our customer service policy.

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