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Heating & AC

Spectrum's Residential Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Services include Installing, Replacing all types of Air Conditioning units.

Standard HVAC Maintenance

During this maintenance procedure we clean or replace your unit's filter. We check the Freon levels, acid content within AC unit, proper pressures, and make sure that the levels are where they supposed to be. We also clean out the drain line and the pan.

Bi-yearly Tune-ups

Tune-ups must be done about two times a year. This add-on allows property owners to schedule in advance for a discounted price.

Repair Condenser Dents

Condensers will sometimes have dents on them and this will cause your unit to run longer thus pulling more energy to try to compensate for the blocked air; costing you more money.

Tubing & Welding

Our workers are certified welders. There is no need to outsource this work we can run any tubing related to your HVAC and Heating unit.

Duct Installation

We are able to install new and repair old ducts. We start the repair by first analyzing if you're losing air pressure from your unit outside and inside. We also measure for loss of heat. This will indicate if you have a leak within your vent system. If it happens that your system is indeed leaking we'll proceed from there.

Electrical Services

Spectrum Power Residential Lighting Services include Installing, Replacing, Remodeling all types of Fixtures whether its indoors and outdoors. (Ex: Chandeliers, Flood lights, Motion sensors, Track Lights, Recessed Lighting, Fluorescent, Incandescent Lights.)

Switch & Outlet - Plan 1

All Receptacle Outlets and Switches "inside" the Residence are replaced and electrical wires are inspected.

Switch & Outlet - Plan 2

All Receptacle Outlets and Switches “inside” and “outside” the residence will be replaced, and electrical Panel and wires inspected to ensure proper schedule and load distribution.

G.F.C.I - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

These types of outlets are required by the National Electrical Code section 210.8, and the State of California for all locations that come in contact with water or within 6 feet. (National Electrical Code requires this in: Bathrooms, Kitchens counter tops, and Garages.) These devices save lives by shutting power off immediately when it senses electricity loss.

Tamper Resistant Outlets

Tamper-resistant outlets 1ook like standard outlets, but they feature an internal mechanism which prevents children from sticking objects into the receptacle. All outlets that are within a child's reach are replaced.

Circuit Adjustments and Panel Upgrades

If fuses continuously need to be replaced, or circuit breakers keep switching off, there is a serious and dangerous problem that needs to be fixed. If a large device or appliance is, or will be connected, there is a possibility the circuit breaker on that specific circuit will trip. A circuit evaluation and adjustment will be necessary. We also specialize in Circuit Panel Upgrades and Rewiring.

Proper Grounding

Grounded outlets are required to be installed in all modern homes today. If your home does not have grounded outlets, then your electrical system is likely missing critical safety features. If necessary we also install grounding rods.

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